Nancy Clare Murphy LMT, CLT

Nancy HeadshotIn addition to practicing massage therapy, Nancy is also a Certified Lymphedema Therapist who is trained in Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD). She studied complete decongestive therapy and MLD with Linda Hodgkins, MS OTR/L CLT-LANA, and Guenter Klose, MLD/CDT Certified Instructor CLT-LANA of Klose Training & Consulting, Lafayette, CO.

Mr. Klose and Ms. Hodgkins are well-known experts in the field of lymphedema therapy and are among the top teachers in their field today, lecturing and training therapists in the U.S. and abroad. While Manual Lymph Drainage is a therapeutic technique that can benefit many conditions and enhance wellness for anyone, the comprehensive training Nancy received through Klose Training’s CLT program has prepared her to provide follow-up, maintenance care for lymphedema patients who are receiving complete decongestive therapy and bandaging from an occupational therapist (OT) or physical therapist (PT).

Manual Lymph Drainage is often recommended as a therapy for cancer survivors who have had lymph nodes surgically removed as part of their cancer treatment. In some cases, the removal of lymph nodes causes a disease called lymphedema; a disease of the lymphatic system whereby the lymph is unable to be returned to the venous system and builds up in the body. These patients require special care that includes MLD, bandaging, and the wearing of compression garments in order to control the swelling caused by an impaired lymphatic system.


Nancy is a masterful, compassionate healer. She excels not only at several massage therapy techniques but also Reiki and Manual Lymph Drainage. No matter my stressors, I always leave her sessions relaxed and with a renewed sense of peace.

– David, Woodbridge, CT

Nancy Murphy is an incredibly gifted massage therapist and Reiki master. She is always very sensitive to what my needs are on any given day, and takes great care in making sure I am comfortable and at ease when starting the massage and Reiki session.

As a breast cancer survivor, I unfortunately, developed a circulatory condition called lymphedema in my left arm. Although at the time Nancy did not know much about lymphedema, she took the time to do research and attained an understanding of what lymphedema is and how to best address it during our massage and Reiki sessions. She has since completed a certification for lymphedema therapists (CLT) and has taken Oncology Massage training. I have confidence that Nancy can work safely and effectively with me with careful consideration of my cancer history and lymphedema.

– JHE, Hamden,CT

I underwent a 360 degree liposuction out of state and was pleasantly surprised to find Nancy, a certified MLD massage therapist right in my backyard. My first visit was 11 days post-operative and I was skeptical and uncertain of what to expect. Thankfully, Nancy is very professional, informative, personable and most importantly caring! Her touch is incomparable and my recovery wouldn’t have been the same without her. So far I’ve done 5 sessions with her and look forward to a few more, she’s absolutely the best!

– Q.T., New Haven, CT

The warmest hands and heart I’ve ever encountered!! Gentle yet strong hands that massage you away to Never Neverland!!

Kathleen, Woodbridge, CT

I have had primary bilateral (legs) Lymphedema since I was sixteen years old. I was fortunate to have appropriate services at an early age. As time went by, I realized that I needed more assistance. I was very lucky to find Nancy Murphy. She has provided me with Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD). Since working with Nancy I have felt so much better about my condition. Her sensitive techniques have allowed me to better understand my body. Feeling better has made me want to become more informed about my situation and about myself.

I am extremely grateful to be able to be working with Nancy Murphy.