Who What When Where Why

The general process of inquiry usually begins with the basic five:

           Who     What     When   Where     Why

The why always seems most important to me.  In reference to health and healing…why chiropractic?

As a chiropractor, I have studied and observed our body’s ability to adapt to stressors which contribute to illness. Every day I am amazed as I witness the power and resiliency we possess to overcome maladies and trauma. It is this very power – lets refer to it as innate intelligence – which runs, directs and coordinates every function in every cell tissue, gland, organ and system. Our 3 pounds of brain has more power and chiro hands onconnections than all the computers on the planet.

When a disruption occurs in the hardwiring (our nerves) in and along our spinal column resulting in misaligned vertebrae, our communication system to and from the brain experiences interference which leads to our nervous system weakening. Just like turning a dimmer switch, our healing power diminishes. This process can cause a myriad of problems, creating symptoms like headaches, back or neck pain, digestive issues, muscle spasms, joint stiffness, numbness/pins and needles – to name a few.

Detecting and correcting vertebral misalignments called subluxations, is the fundamental task of chiropractors. Our approach to this task can vary but adjusting the spine to create greater health is our primary focus.

To put it simply, the steps to a healthier you are:

  • Get adjusted
  • Correct problems in the spine
  • Normalize everyday function
  • Feel Better
  • Stay healthy

Stay active – Stay Well

Dr. Lou