Fall is here – which can bring back pain!

th5225GB6HAs we experience the effects of autumn, many of us prepare for fall clean-up (just as we anticipated Spring yardwork after our long winter last year!).

The magnificent New England foliage is inevitably transformed into a leaf gathering and removal exercise. (Remember when we used to burn leaves…oh that autumn smell…).

Here are a few things to remember whether you strap a leaf blower on your back or push one, or if you prefer to rake by hand. First and foremost, please pace yourself in the event you are compelled to get things done too quickly.

Pushing or carrying a leaf blower is an annual project that can take days to complete. This activity will have you putting force on your musculoskeletal system. Raking is a repetitive process…try switching your technique from dominate arm to non-dominant arm (i.e. rake as a lefty and then switch and rake as a righty).


Regardless of method used, these forces of repetition put pressure on the “weak links” in your muscles – your ligaments, tendons, discs and vertebra. If you are experiencing pain that persists beyond a few days and doesn’t respond to rest or a hot bath, give us a call for a spinal adjustment that will set you straight!

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Stay Active – Stay Well

Dr. Lou