Chiropractic Side Effects

Happy active family jumping

Over the past 25 years of being a chiropractor, one might think that I’ve heard it all.  But, every day brings on a new experience that humbles and reminds me that chiropractic care has no boundaries. Patients report a number of chiropractic side effects, so we decided to make a list.

Here are some of the most common:

  • Greater range of motion (most commonly reported when backing up your car)
  • Decreased pain and spasm
  • Increased vitality at every level
  • Chronic smiling
  • Advanced sense of well-being
  • A new perspective of patience towards significant others (even teenagers)
  • Spontaneous giggling
  • Noticeably improved posture
  • Frequent outdoor activity
  • Hopscotch , jump-roping and even cartwheels have been reported
  • Embracing your adventurous side
  • A sunny disposition
  • Pep in your step

All right…some of these are tongue and cheek, but you can certainly experience any of these chiropractic side effects at any time, place or age.  Adjusting your spine addresses the source of imbalances in your body – often recognized as stiffness and pain.  When you get adjusted, you release your body’s innate power to heal.  Your nervous system controls every muscle, every organ, and every cell.  When this innate power is released, you reach the greatest potential for growth and healing.

Stay Active – Stay Well!!

Dr. Lou